Friday, June 20, 2008

Gearing up for Comic-Con

Your faithful Geekerati Crew will be covering all the haps at the world famous* Comic-Con July 23-27. We're lining up some awesome interviews for our blog here and for our radio show/podcast. Set your bookmarks accordingly -- we'll also have a TwitterStream going for real time breaking news reporting. Details as we get closer, but you will be able to go to Twitter to read the feed directly or just come here to read the latest.

We're excited! It should be fun -- we're even going truly multimedia for this event -- you might even see our mugs on some videos!

Stay tuned. Check back often. Tell your friends. We may not be one of those fancy pants big websites, but we are mighty, and you shall hear our roar.

* world famous, as in, the entire world will be there, crammed into rooms far too small for 125,000 people.

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