Friday, July 25, 2008


I am in recovery from the Boom Studios Party and drinking coffee to replace my fluids... Yes, send nurses.

Lots of fun and laughter last night at the Hyatt with lots of familiar comics and game faces.

Caleb Monroe was there - for those of you who don't know Caleb is writing the new comic THE REMNANT - and I spoke with him briefly about it. They have previews over at the Boom booth so I will pick some up.

Matt Gagnon, editor of the benefit PULP TALES book for Josh Medors, a comic artist who is in need of health care (aren't we all?) says that sales are brisk for the PT book with the BEN TEMPLESMITH COVER!!!!!

(see Matt? I told you I could drive sales up 10% )

MIKE NELSON (FALL OF CTHULU, X-ISLE, ENIGMA )was there with the writer's room from John Rogers' new show on TNT LEVERAGE. John has a mostly female writing staff which is a most excellent thing as they are the ones who politely laugh at my mad pulp bastardry and move on. You will see them post occasionally on John's blog Kung Fu Monkey.

LEVERAGE just completed their first episode (in a record SIX - COUNT 'EM SIX - DAYS!!!) of production without a hitch. They are moving along at the speed of television (wussies need not apply).

FARSCAPE FANS take note - big announcement today regarding the FARSCAPE comic from BOOM and Henson studios. It's been rumored, but today it will be confirmed. Let's just say it ties the web and the comic together and leave it at that.

MATT FORBECK - writer of the MUTANT CHRONICLES movie adaption was there as was former TOKYOPOP editor HOPE DONOVAN. Look for new stuff from both. Hope especially wants to do something in the "teen girl comics" category (which is woefully underserved except from manga), but isn't limiting herself.

MARK WAID is super-excited about the new Disney/Pixar line coming out from Boom. He gets to write THE INCREDIBLES. mark is one of those guys who genuinely loves comics of all types and seems to instantly cultivate that little kid inside himself whenever he sees one.

That's enough for now. More later after my blood supply is replaced.


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