Saturday, July 26, 2008

Comic-Con Panel Solution Proposal

What if...

Part 1: The Problem
At breakfast this morning I was considering how many panels I have missed this comic-con because I was standing in line extremely early for a popular panel. While waiting in line for the the Halo Universe Panel, I missed two other panels that I wanted to attend. On Friday I went to get in line for the Star Wars 2008 panel which featured The Force Unleashed and Star Wars: The Clone Wars the game, the movie and the television show. While I was in line they were showing one of the BIG panels for the con, Will Eisner's The Spirit with Frank Miller and Samuel L. Jackson. The person directly behind me in the line wanted to see this panel and stood in line the entire time this panel was going on and we were lined up to see star wars and never got in for it. This gentleman and his wife wasted an hour of their day to stand in line arguing with me about Lucas's involvement in Pixar. He said they had nothing to with them, but at last year's comic con they showed a movie about the history of Pixar which explicitly states that they were a division of Lucasfilm. I give you their first short; The Adventures of Andre and Wally B.

But I digress, the problem is that you can't make it to all of the cool stuff you want to do at the con because of overcrowding and long lines.

Part 2:The Solution
This proposal is based on combing a few ideas that have already gone into effect at this years Comic-con. The sponsored WiFi brought to us by Eagle Eye means that we are all on one big computer network. What if there was a way for all of the people carrying Apple iPhones, Nintendo DSs, and other mobile WiFi capable devices to stream the video of the panel your waiting in line to see. You might not be in the room yet but you would still get to see the content. The technology to do streaming video broadcasts is available, Blogtalkradio video i'm thinking of you. Let's take it even farther and let anyone on the local wireless network to stream the panels they are NOT in line for so while they wait in line for something they are interested in they can browse the other panels that are going on elsewhere.

Part 3:The Opportunity
To ease the expense of this the whole system is brought to you by a big sponser like Eagle Eye or Apple or Batman Begins 3. And each time you access a panel it is preceded by a rotating trailer for something else that's cool. The live feed then starts up and no one misses any of the major panels. Imagine the buzz that Watchmen would get if all 125,000 people at the convention could watch the panel streaming.

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