Thursday, July 24, 2008

Eric SDCC Update #1

The first impression one has upon arrival, is that the show has become WAY too big for this convention center. It seems as though there are twice as many people as last year in the hallways. Even panels I was expecting to have short lines and sparce attendance provided long waits and crowded inside. Like the panel for episodic gaming. Particularly shocking was the DEXTER panel which was in one of the smaller rooms and should have been either the ballroom or the main exhibit hall H.

Evab after all the waiting and making my way through all of the crowds, every panel was filled with fun, insight, and cool exclusive stuff.

The first panel I attended this morning was a celebration of 75 years of Doc Savage. I have only this year become a fan of the Man of Bronze but the panel was exciting. Michael Uslan, executive producer on the new Batman movie The Dark Knight, annouced that he is planning a Doc Savage movie. His depth of knowledge on the subject appeared to be deep. He shared both anecdotal stories and examples of a breadth of knowledge he could have obtained as a comics and pulp historian.

Things got even more interesting from there as my second panel of the day was SPORE CREATOR. Will Wright provided a One-on-One Audience presentation with only his laptop and a power point show. His presentation had great geek humor, including many sight gags and funny stories about story telling and play. His point being that games should be both a story and play at the same time because they are closely linked experiences. A demo of several of the features of Spore and the wide arrange of user generated content that online users will encounter which to date includes more than 2 million unique species created in the Spore Creature Creator which they released only a few weeks ago as both a free and premium download.

More thoughts on other panels to come later, lots to get to still.

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