Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday of Doom!

Have plans to go see Howard Chaykin this morning at his panel to learn about the resurrection of AMERICAN FLAGG! as a graphic novel...

Also plan to see the DOLLHOUSE panel...


Scheduling conflict arises. One is on one side of the pavilion, and scheduled for midpoint of the other. This is a problem that I, and many others (read everyone) has been having with this years' Comic Con. You have to stand in line to see these things, and lo and behold, three hours later you don''t get in, and...


As Eric and I have breakfast this morning to strategize the day, we realized that this Comic Con has become to big, too unwieldy for the current location and infrastructure. There is discontent in the house kids, and unless something is done to a) alleviate the lines, b) alleviate the traffic crunch on the exhibitor floor, and c) reduce costs -- then Comic Con as a destination and a state of mind is gone.

Eric is working on a post on how to alleviate some of the problems (lines, schedules) and I'd like everyone to look at this as a problem we can all solve working together.

Your comments are greatly appreciated -- as always.

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